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Fairy Hills and Earth Energy

As always, Joseph understood this correctly. A shift in perception by one dimension and we are there, already stepped into a place of energy – home of the Earth Mother.


“Most of the fairy tales of Europe originate from the Celtic tradition. Now, there are lots of fairy hills in Ireland and one of the things about a fairy hill is that it’s invisible and nobody knows it’s there, and another remarkable thing about fairy hills is that you can walk in what you think is a straight line but you will have walked around a fairy hill—it is that inaccessible. Yet this fairy world is just one small dimension deeper than the visible world; it’s everywhere. The fairies are the inhabiting nature powers, and the reason they are so fascinating and enchanting is that their nature and your unconscious nature, your deep nature, are the same. The fairies are representatives of that permanent energy consciousness that underlies all the phenomenal forms of life. This is Mother Goddess stuff.”

Joseph Campbell, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine

[Source: The Joseph Campbell Foundation]



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  1. I greatly enjoyed reading your Ayahuasca experiences, and I have been inspired to go looking around your pages, and came upon your quite about Celtic faerie hills, and thought this quote would interest you:

    “There are still vestiges of this philosophical idea in modern science which continues to feel the need to describe non-human entities in terms of superiority and inferiority, but this bias is clearly breaking down among zoologists as it is among anthropologists. There are vestiges as well in today’s paganism in which the upper, middle, and lower worlds are arranged hierarchically on the World-Tree. However, in the Celtic cosmos, and probably the original Norse cosmos, these three worlds were not considered to be in hierarchic relationship in the sense later Christianity imposed. The Celts represented the worlds as concentric circles and the vertical dimension connecting sky, land, and sea, but did not separate them hierarchically or divide them into “nature” and “the supernatural”. The Divine is immanent and omnipresent in nature, and wonders are a part of it.
    To reject the artificial division of the cosmos into natural and supernatural parts is to move towards common sense and holistic thought. A similar common-sensical turn in today’s Faerie lore is reflected in the expression “working with Faerie folk…”

    February 10, 2014 at 4:29 pm

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