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Inducing Lucid Dreams


“If Voss’ research provides a consistent method of psychic exploration, scientists and psychonauts will be able to further understand the mysteries, mechanisms and potential self-discoveries of dreams.”

“The study, published in Nature Neuroscience in May, provides some of the first data necessary to understand the biology of lucid dreaming.”

Here’s an interesting article by Daniel Appel at Ultraculture on new research into brain function and the phenomena of lucid dreaming. Reductionists will surely use these kinds of discoveries to assert that lucid dreaming and other “spiritual” experiences are nothing more than meaningless bio-mechanical artifacts. Others will understand that the brain functions as a kind of receiver and amplifier/filter for connection to non-ordinary dimensions. In that understanding, it makes perfect sense that altering or manipulating the brain with electromagnetic forces can “tune” our marvelous receivers in various ways to attain specific effects, just as a radio’s tuning mechanism does to select certain frequencies to display.

I find this particularly interesting in that if this new methodology is proven effective, it may also help many of us who have never attained these particular states do so for the first time.